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There are MANY reasons having a custom t-shirt is a great idea. For one, custom shirts generate team spirit among your staff, especially when you're out in the world at conferences, conventions, or in the community. Secondly, they are an easy way to promote your brand because while everyone is having fun wearing them, they're also a walking advertisement. On enough people, your t-shirts could generate significant conversation about your work and help grow your network of supporters. Plus, promotional t-shirts are something you can give away at events or meetings for potential clients, partners or investors - it's the perfect souvenir. Last but not least, they are among the most popular merchandise products out there. If the design is appealing enough, you can sell your t-shirts for some extra income. You simply can't go wrong with getting some custom tees!


starting at $300

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How Does the design process Work?

1. Book Your Project

Visit the Rokas Studio Etsy Shop and purchase the Custom T-shirt Design listing. Once payment clears, your spot will be secured and we can get started.

2. Complete Questionnaire

To gain a deeper understanding of your brand and what you have in mind for a t-shirt design, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and send back. I’ll also have you send me any inspiration you’ve collected (photos, links, styles you like etc.) and anything else you think would help me in the creative process.

3. Project Proposal

Once I know more about the design you have in mind, I'll send you a formal project proposal. The proposal will include the agreed upon time frame and completion date for your project. I'll also have a better estimate on the total cost of your design (my starting rates for t-shirt is $300). Any costs over the initial payment can be made after the design is completed.

4. Design Creation

During this phase I’ll create your t-shirt design in stages, integrating the revisions necessary as we go, until we have a rock solid design for your brand.

5. Receive Your T-shirt Design

You'll receive your new custom t-shirt design in high quality file formats (JPG, PNG, PDF, AI/SVG, EPS).


About 1-3 weeks. Exact timeline will be based on the individual project, complexity of design (number of elements and colors), communication on revisions, as well as current booking schedule.

what's included

1 Custom T-shirt Design

T-shirt Art Copyright Transfer