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Authentic, Professional, Trademarkable Logos

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How Does the Branding Process Work?

1. Select Ready Logo

I have a wide variety of logos available at the Rokas Studio Etsy Shop ready to represent any company or cause. The first step is to select the logo that speaks to you from our ready-made logo inventory.

2. Request Logo Customization

Once you've purchased the logo, you can send me a “Note to Seller” and include your: 1) Brand Name, 2) Tagline (if any), 3) Color Choices and 4) Font Choices. I can also adjust the logo layout.

3. Receive Your New Logo

You’ll receive your new custom logo in high quality file formats (JPG, PNG, PDF, AI/SVG, EPS), along with a complimentary logo usage guide to help you know "what files to use when" for the ultimate brand presence wherever you go!

Note: Logo copyrights transfer to you automatically upon receiving the finalized, custom logo design for your brand.


Anywhere from 12 to 48 hours, depending on my current booking schedule.

what's included

1 Final Main Logo

Logo Copyright Transfer

Complimentary Logo Use Guide

All logos are exclusive-trademarkable

This means, you become exclusive owner of your logo, and I, as the designer, will not reproduce or resell the logo design again! I will however, keep the design in my portfolio for presentation work.