Whatever you do, don't download clipart from Google for your brand materials! It's often difficult to find artwork from the same artist when you use online clipart, so the consistency in styles isn't there and everyone can tell! Instead, get custom art with your color palette, vibe and messaging to help you create a brand that is original, professional and memorable. Trust me, it's worth it! Attention to detail is everything when it comes to presenting a cohesive “look and feel” and building a reputable, trusthworthy brand. Art graphics can be used online throughout your website or in your brand videos. They're also great for print materials like annual reports, product packaging, brochures and flyers.


1 Icon Graphic $25

3 Icon Graphics $60

5 Icon Graphics $90

10 Icon Graphics $170


1 Clipart Graphic $80

3 Clipart Graphics $230

5 Clipart Graphics $370

10 Clipart Graphics $700


Icons are symbols. They can represent pretty much anything - an object, action, program or fuction. They're especially popular in phone applications and as on-screen buttons (e.g. toolbars). They can also be used in infographics or diagrams. Icons are usually simple, 2-dimensional color drawings or black silhouettes.

Clipart is an image or drawing that's commonly used to accompany text in documents, Powerpoint Presentations, websites and videos. Designs are generally more detailed than icons (more lines, objects and colors). They're great visual aids and help give your brand an original look.

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How Does the Branding Process Work?

1. Book Your Project

To secure a spot, you must purchase your Art Package of choice (clipart vs icon) through the Rokas Studio Etsy Shop. Once payment clears, we can get started.

2. Complete Questionnaire

To gain a deeper understanding of your brand and what you have in mind for artwork, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and send back. I’ll also have you send me any inspiration you’ve collected (photos, links, styles you like etc.) and anything else you think would help me in the creative process.

3. Project Proposal

Once I know more about the designs you have in mind, I'll send you a formal project proposal. The proposal will include the agreed upon time frame and completion date for your project.

4. Art Creation

During this phase I’ll create your clipart and/or icon designs, integrating revisions as necessary, until we have an awesome art package that best represents your brand.

5. Receive Your Artwork

You’ll receive your icon/clipart package items in high quality file formats (JPG, PNG, PDF, AI/SVG, EPS).


About 1-3 weeks. Exact timeline will be based on the individual project, number of icon/clipart items, communication on revisions, as well as current booking schedule.

Below are some examples of recent clipart drawings and icons I designed for the Million Hazelnut Campaign and Main Street Project.

million hazelnut

I developed custom clipart designs for print and web use.

main street project

I created several custom clipart designs and icons for their handouts.