Digital Prints

Rokas Studio art prints celebrate and advocate for the wellbeing of people, wildlife and our planet. They aim to inspire and motivate action towards a more peaceful and united global community. If their messages align with your personal values or the mission of your organization or business, you can hang the prints up in your home or office space as reminders and share them with others. These colorful, original art pieces can serve as gifts, event giveaways, awareness and educational materials, morale boosters and much more!

saving species series

This print is the first in a series I call Saving Species. It is OUR responsibility to protect our wildlife from extinction. Nothing and no one else can do this important work for us. Sharks are incredibly valuable in ocean ecosystems and unfortunately are in rapid decline due to the fishing industry and fin trade. Let's raise awareness and conserve our sharks.

20% of online sales will be donated to Shark Allies.