Rokas Studio LLC is a professional graphic design studio based in Northfield, MN offering affordable story branding services to businesses, NGOs, programs and clubs leading today's biggest social and environmental justice efforts. I create Art That Speaks (TM) to help you stand out and ensure you are as LOUD as can be. Equipping leaders like yourself with authentic and memorable artwork is why I'm here, so you can focus on your world-changing efforts.

While exploring my studio, you'll notice a wide range of original, hand-drawn and carefully digitized logos, clipart, icons, t-shirt, sticker and poster designs. You'll receive high resolution files every time, so you'll always have great flexibility to use the artwork on printed materials or online. Please check out my portfolio of recent projects and art gallery, for examples of my graphic design work.

Behind the brand

The logo representing Rokas Studio LLC was inspired by the fascinating and ancient lion paintings found in the Chauvet Cave of France, a World Heritage Site. The paintings were created by the Aurignacian people more than 30,000 years ago! The Aurignacian people were among the first Homo sapiens living in Europe at the time. They used charcoal and red pigment on the walls of their homes to share stories and capture the moments they were experiencing.

Art is one of our most primal communication tools and, although our techniques have greatly evolved, its importance to humankind will forever remain no matter its form.

Back to the Rokas Studio LLC brand, as a solo artist and entrepreneur the original intention behind "Rokas" was simply a combination of my first and last name (Rocky Casillas). Interestingly, I discovered that in Old German "Rokas" also means to "roar." So as it turns out, the name couldn't align more perfectly with my lion design and the history that inspired it.

In essence, the Rokas Studio logo serves as a reminder of the origins of artistic expression and our connection to the people of the past. It's important to remember and be grateful for who we are and where we come from.