Welcome to Rokas Studio LLC

At Rokas Studio LLC, I create Art That Speaks™

The world is waking up. People are uniting to empower the marginalized and silenced, to address the climate crisis, to expose corporations and corruption, to advocate for forgotten and defenseless species, and to build new systems where old ones are too broken to put back together. Art can be a powerful ally for such movements.

Every major social justice movement can be remembered by iconic imagery created by the artivists who lived during that time period. Art was used to fight for women's rights and the rights of people of color. To this day, art helps drive efforts to end modern-day environmental and social injustices.

Rokas Studio exists to work alongside the leaders of our time in making movements LOUDER. If you're out there fighting for a noble cause, and are in need of a partner who can create custom, authentic artwork, contact me! Together we'll make sure you are HEARD.